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Why patients should get care within my Family Health Organization

Important: please read carefully

Dear Patient,

As of Feb 2015 my medical practice converted to a Family Health Organization (FHO).  Read more

Lastest Government Immunization Schedule

As you are probably all aware this COVID19 pandemic has necessitated that we, as far as possible, provide virtual care in place of in person consultations. In exceptional circumstances we do see patients in person absolutely requiring a physical presence. Examples are, for performing any procedure, or giving scheduled childhood immunizations. Public Health guidelines require always the use of personal protective equipment, physical distancing between patients and sterilization of every area after each contact. 

As result of these requirements and the physical space limitations at Anderson Medical  we are unable to provide mass immunizations such as flu shots and also be incompliance with these rules. We therefore ask that you get your flu shots where compliance is possible and where it is adequately funded.

The government has announced that pharmacies may provide this service. We therefore urge you to contact your pharmacy regarding these vaccinations. Not all pharmacies are providing this option, however we do know that the pharmacy next door to our location will be for patients over 5 years old. For children 5yrs and under, we will be making arrangements to give flu vaccinations by appointment. 

Thank you for your understanding during these difficult times.